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Alarm Clock Clinic Opening

The official opening of the Alarm Clock Clinic took place on December 7, 2012 in Międzylesie. Guests were welcomed by Iwona Schymalla who was the host of the ceremony. The floor was taken by the following guests (listed according to the order of speeches): Jacek Wojciechowicz – Deputy Mayor of Warsaw, Wojciech Kielski i Jacek Bolechowski – architects (authors of the clinic’s design), Bożena Walter –TVN "Nie jesteś sam" Foundation, Agnieszka Grzegorczyk –Polsat Foundation, Lidia Owsiak –WOŚP (The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity) Foundation, Magdalena Flis-Lichota – Director of the Marshal Adam Struzik’s office, Ewa Kopacz – Marshal of the Sejm, Aleksander Sopliński – Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Health, Maciej Piróg – Polish President’s social adviser for health, Janusz Książyk – Director of the Children’s Health Institute, Prof. Alicja Chybicka. During the meeting there was a ceremonial ribbon cutting and Archbishop Henryk Hoser blessed the clinic. Later, all gathered guests were able to take a tour around the clinic and explore the entire building.

The next element of the program was press conference in Studio Theater in Warsaw at 5 pm. There alarm clocks also loudly rang. The conference was hosted by Agata Młynarska.

During the event at the Theater, a gift was donated to the auction by Anna Pietrzak, a representative of Amway Polska company, where she is a CEO.
Thereafter, a representative of “Lang Team,” CEO Czesław Lang, donated a check worth 50.000 zlotys (which was the income from the 2012 “Tour de Pologne for Amateurs” race). Ewa Błaszczyk signed a letter of intent for a long-term cooperation with BGŻ Bank (on behalf of the BGŻ Foundation, the letter was signed by Magdalena Legęć, Vice President of the BGŻ Management Board and Member of the BGŻ Foundation Council) and with JYSK (on behalf of JYSK, the letter was signed by Piotr Padalak—CEO of JYSK Poland). There was made an agreement about the cooperation with the TZMO Company (Toruńskie Zakłady Materiałów Opatrunkowych), which was signed by Krystyna Boryk-Józefowicz. Also, Anna Dymna from “Mimo wszystko” Foundation came to us from Cracow with the special gift—a song titled “Alarm Clock.”

After the press conference guests watched a play “August: Osage County” directed by Grzegorz Bral, which Grażyna Torbicka preceded with the speech. After the performance with the charitably attending actors including Ewa Błaszczyk, there was a cake for the 10th birthday od the “Akogo?” Foundation. The last part of the celebrations was hosted by Dorota Wellman.

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“We would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who has supported us for 10 years of our work… and believed in us”
Alarm Clock Clinic and the medical program for “coma” is a very important and immensely personal part of my life. Therefore, I (along with my daughters) am very grateful that the project is finally finished. I would like to thank a lot to all the people from the “Akogo?” Foundation for their hard work and empathy as well as for making it to the end.
President of the “Akogo?” Foundation