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The Legal Guide for Families of People in Coma

hen people fall into a coma their relatives want to focus on taking care of them, while at the same time they need to face all complications and difficulties, which appear in the lives of all the family members. Quite often, they are not aware of the special rights they have or can obtain while being touched by a tragedy, which is having a relative in a coma. “The Legal Guide for Families of People in Coma” aims to help to understand the polish legal system in this case.

This legal guide is written with the use of a simple language, hence, clearly explains how to apply for the compensation from the third party insurance, informs about the abilities to make decisions for people in a coma by their relatives, calculates employees' rights and the possibility of obtaining financial support for caretakers. There are also guidelines about how to organize public fundraising and get support for adapting rooms for people with disabilities.

The legal guide was created by lawyers from Mamczarek & Migdalska Attorneys at Law, LLP.

“We have been amazed by the actions of the “Akogo?” Foundation for a couple years—building Alarm Clock Clinic, popularizing the knowledge about coma and connected with its issues and searching for new ways of its treatment are great achievements. While talking to the Foundation we understood how immense challenge for families of the people who are in a coma is to face all the procedures and rights they have no idea about. Unfortunately, this lack of knowledge is often used by dishonest people. Together with the Foundation, we decided on creating a short legal guide. We hope that our idea will give inspiration to other law firms, which will help other Foundations to create this kind of legal guides.”—says legal counsel Paweł Mamczarek.

The guide is available in an electronic version on the Mamczarek & Migdalska Attorneys at Law website ( It is available to buy in the Foundation’s shop in printed version (

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